Jasper Vault Leaderboard Challenge

Earn exclusive rewards and future $JVT token airdrops by trading Degen Options and referring your friends.

Jasper Vault
3 min readJul 3, 2024


Jasper Vault is launching Season 1 of our leaderboard challenge across three categories — Trading, Loyalty, and Referrals. Users at the top of the leaderboard will be rewarded with special perks, exclusive Jasper NFTs, and $JVT token airdrops.

A user’s personal jPoints and Referrals summary page

Here’s how it works:

Jasper Points (jPoints) will be allocated and tallied in two points categories:

Trading Points: Users will earn 100 jPoints for every 1 USDT spent on options premium and fees.

  • For example, if a user pays 12.00 USDT to buy one 2-hour Call Option on 1 ETH, he will be awarded 1200 Points.

Loyalty Points: Users will earn increasing amounts of jPoints by trading daily and maintaining their streak.

  • 1–7 days: User earns 50 points per day
  • 8–14 days: User earns 100 points per day
  • 15–21 days: User earns 150 points per day
  • 22–28 days: User earns 200 points per day
  • 29 days and beyond: User earns 250 points per day

For example, if a user trades 8 days in a row, they will earn:

  • 7 days (day 1 to 7) x 50 jPoints = 350 jPoints
  • 1 day (day 8) x 100 jPoints = 100 jPoints
  • Total jPoints: 350 + 100 = 450 Points

For the third category, Referrals, users are ranked according to their performance in Jasper Vault’s Referral Program. The more trading volume a referrer brings in to Jasper Vault via his referees, the higher she will be on the leaderboard. Special rewards will also be given to users who refer the most users to trade on Jasper Vault.

More on the Referral Program — For every new user that an existing user refers and trades on Jasper Vault, the referrer will earn 12% of the buyer protocol fees paid on every trade that the referee executes. This rebate can be claimed any time on the Referral page on our platform.

Our public leaderboards on app.jaspervault.io

Leaderboards will be visible on our dApp’s Leaderboard tab. At the end of every week, we will reward users at the top of our leaderboard with jPoint boosts and perks such as fee rebates.

We can’t wait to see everyone trade their first DeFi crypto options on Jasper Vault!

Degen Options is the world’s first crypto 0DTE (0 days to expiration) options product, offering anyone with a self-hosted wallet up to 300x of effortless leverage with ZERO liquidation risk. It is Jasper Vault’s mission to make options simple, safe and fun for the 99%.



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